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Rail Fence Supplies

When it comes to fencing options, a rail fence can be a great choice for many people. This style of fence has become more popular among customers in Delaware. The vinly Ranch Rail is a common alternative to its counterpart, Split Rail, which is wood. Pierce Fence Company offers an excellent selection of rail fences for residential, commercial, and agricultural uses. A rail fence is an affordable option that can cover a variety of benefits.

One of the most attractive features of a rail fence is its traditional look. The rail fence has been around for centuries, and its traditional look is timeless. We offer a variety of rail fence options, from wood to metal to vinyl. Each type of rail fence offers a unique look that can be customized to fit the customer's needs.

A rail fence also offers a cost-effective solution for many customers. Ranch Rail, Haven, and Split Rail are a favorite among HOAs in Delaware. Pierce Fence Company offers competitive pricing on all of its products, making it easy to find a fence that fits within a customer's budget.


Description of each style shown from top to bottom labeled by name.

1st: Ranch Rail is shown in the standard height of 4' high which results in 3 rails. No wire is attached. This style fence is available in 2 rail (3' high), 3 rail (4' high), and 4 rail (5' high). Ranch Rail is a great way to establish boundaries decorative accents, or distinguish your property lines.


2nd: Split Rail is a wood version of Ranch Rail. What is shown is a 3 rail 4' high pressure treated wood. This is available in 2 rail (3' high) and 3 rail (4' high). We stock the 3 rail as it is the most desirable height. You can add welded wire to this fence if you have pets or children AND you want to provide security. Split Rail can meet pool code regulations by installing the welded wire on the outside of the fence and applying self-closing hardware to the gates. 


3rd: Crossbuck is shown at 4' high. This is a creative play on traditional Ranch Rail. By changing the layout of the rails this gives the fence a more dimensional appeal for those that want something a tad different. 


4th: Haven is Ranch Rail with added welded wire. This style can meet Pool Code by installing the welded wire on the outside of the fence vs the inside. Pierce Fence uses vinyl clips to attach the wire which is an upgrade compared to others using a plastic zip-tye. Don't be fooled by a less expensive cost solely because they are using zip-tyes as a way of cutting costs and saving time for themselves while not giving you something that will last. In the long run, a vinyl clip is the way to go. 


We hope this section was helpful and if you are in the market for a rail-style fence Pierce Fence is your local friendly fence installer. Call our office today at 302-674-1996 or fill out the online form to get started. 


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Pictures shown were installed by a Pierce Fence crew.